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Retirement Compass

Dec 15, 2020

Tim and Jeff talk about why getting a second opinion is a wise decision for those approaching retirement, and discuss some questions that you should be asking about your retirement plan.

Dec 15, 2020

Tim and Jeff discuss tax planning strategies for retirees as we head in to 2021.

Nov 11, 2020

Tim and Jeff discuss 401K's and common questions they hear about them.

  • How do 401K's work?
  • How are they taxed?
  • What is inside of a 401K?

Oct 14, 2020

This episode discusses:

  • Traditional vs. Roth IRA's
  • How Social Security income can affect taxes
  • Various issues involving capital gains

Sep 2, 2020

Tim and Jeff discuss what us means to have a legacy plan, and the importance of leaving a legacy. How are legacy and long-term care planning intertwined? This along with much more on this weeks podcast.